This is the page where you'll find links to other sites. Not all of them are necessarily graphics-related, some are clients and some are there just for interest's sake.
Just in case you get "inspired" by anything you see here, this is perhaps the place that just might be able to assist you further.
Exhibitions are conducted at various times during the year at most cities around the country, details are on the site. We had a stand in 2002 when it was held in Melbourne. It's been great fun and it's very well organized.
A graphics site. It caters for 3D, 2D and photography and is adult orientated. You have to be a member to access it, but it's free, exept for the 'Premier' part. You just need a name and a password.
Another graphics site. Whilst there's nudity, there is no adult content here. Again 3D, 2D and photo-galleries.
A friend of mine. He leases and maintains aquariums.