Art-Effect Graphics is Melbourne / Australia based and came into life (as a lot of small operations do) when a hobby got out of hand.

After starting with 2D work which was mostly cartoon- orientated, the computer quietly took over more and more and soon the majority of work became 3D based.

Today it's almost "anything goes".

  • Personalized Birthday, Wedding or other Greeting Cards.

  • Pictures, Images and Posters. If you need something to hang on your wall or a picture of you doing something you'd never do in reality, talk to us.

  • Photo- Restoration. Got an old photograph that has a lot of scratches? Let's see what we can do.

  • Erotic Art Prints. We are quite liberal about this, however we realize that some people might be offended by nudity and adult themes, and we therefore keep these images in a clearly marked, separate gallery. This will give you a choice and also help protect minors.

Browse, and have fun.